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Lios-Art, a professional painter, is an active fine arts professional in his late thirties. Born in Montreal, he was introduced to the arts at a very young age. His mother, also a painter, encouraged him in his art. At the age of thirteen, he began to exhibit his artwork in science fiction conventions (“Boreal”). Even as an amateur, the managers put his work in the professional category for the four years he participated in this event.

The favorite medium of this period of the Lios' career was Chinese ink, and continued to be until his early twenties. For fifteen years, Lios took a step back from manual arts, and practiced almost exclusively digital art, until May 2015. At this time, he started over, now in acrylic paint. This has continued until present day.

Now a full time acrylic painter, he devotes himself to the small details in all his paintings, no matter the size of the canvas. Subjects that regularly appear in Lios' art are: The fantastic, fairy, medieval; The indigenous world, and especially the female body.

To this day, his greatest artistic achievement, according to the artist, is his series of paintings entitled “Time”. 

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